Hardship Withdrawals


Student Care and Outreach oversees the request and approval process for hardship withdrawals. If you believe you are experiencing a situation that may require a hardship withdrawal, we encourage you to reach out to Student Care and Outreach to discuss options and resources. The deadline to hardship withdrawal is the last day of classes each semester. Please note that after the last day of class, students should contact the Office of Instruction (appeals@uga.edu) to learn more about the Retroactive Hardship Withdrawal process coordinated by their office. Please do not delay in communicating with our office so we can provide the best support to you.

The impact of a withdrawal on financial aid may include, but not be limited to, mandatory repayment of already disbursed funds.  Students should contact Student Financial Aid, Bursar & Treasury Services, University Housing, or other appropriate offices (e.g. Office of International Education, Dining Services, etc.) if there are any questions concerning the possible impact of withdrawing.  Withdrawals during any session of the summer semester – Maymester, Extended Session, Thru Session, and both Short Sessions – can impact a student’s eligibility to enroll in other summer sessions of that same semester. Students returning from academic dismissal should consult their academic advisor prior to withdrawing.  Veterans and dependents of veterans who are receiving educational benefits must notify the Office of Veterans Educational Benefits of any course load reduction (Office of the Registrar 706-542-4040).


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